Freia Regia Kakao -

A packaging project

Description: School assignment


“Create packaging for a new series of hot cocoa for Freia Regia”


The series “Nytelse” consists of 100% Norwegian organic cocoa with added flavour of chilli, lemon & caramel from Freia, Norway’s leading chocolate manufacturer. They are known for using Norwegian nature, culture and tradition as a concept, so we wanted to continue that direction. Our idea was therefore to create a form for packaging based on a combination of milk churn and thermos, which is something that is typical Norwegian.


The packaging contains 700 g cocoa and 100 g with flavoured powder. Cocoa and the flavours is separate for you to adjust the strength of the cocoa. The container is made of recycled material and can be reused by filling in with refill bags. In addition we had also created a series of cocoa capsules. These capsules containing pre-mixed chocolate with three flavours.