VAO - A profile project

Description: School assignment


We created VAO, the fictional adventure center based in Fornebu outside of Oslo. Our motto was 'go big or go home' on this project and our fictional budget was limitless. We made a profile, web page, app, wayfinding, posters, ads, magazine, brochure etc.


"VAO is Scandinavia's first adventure center and is located at Fornebu, Bærum in Norway. They want to offer people an experience out of the ordinary and be one of Europe newest gems. VAO is your next destination, whether you want to relax alone with shopping and spa or bring the rest of your family on a weekend trip they will never forget. The center is divided by the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and metal, where each element offers a special experience. One can easily move between departments or remain in their favorite element. Within the different elements you can choose from several exciting activities.


The fact that everything is under 'one roof', is part of what makes VAO unique, especially here in Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe.  In addition to the building in Fornebu, they will also travel around in the rest of the country with containers, so everyone could get a taste of what they offer. Each container shall be a mini version of the building and will feature an activity from each department.


The logo is based on the Greek characters for the five elements, and the icon is a composite of all the symbols. The pictograms for each element is based on the geometric shapes; platonic solids. In addition, it is given a particular colour that represents their department. The departments are named after crystals suitable to the elements: Azurite is for water, Sardony is fire, Citrine is air, Obsidian is earth and Phenacite is for the element metal."